T1D was created with one goal in mind…to provide Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies, as well as other hard-users, unparalleled service in tactical firearms and accessory selection, procurement and training.  T1D members and employees bring together 20+ years of military and law enforcement experience with 25+ years machining the world’s most accurate and dependable rifles. 

We are not your typical cyber-creation selling knock–off nylon gear from the spare bedroom; or slapping together half-assed uppers  out of mass-market parts.  T1D has spent the past two decades training, creating and shooting the most dependable weapon platforms utilized by the US military and law enforcement agencies.  From tough as nails defensive/offensive handguns and dependable hard use Carbines and SPRs to tack-driving long range precision bolt guns—we not only build them—we shoot them.  Our practical experience and machining expertise uniquely allows T1D to not only advise our customers on proper weapons selection, but to also manufacture the weapons selected, provide training for their use, and maintain them for a long lifetime of dependable service.

Looking for a cup holder for your drop in quadrail??…try AR15.com…

If your department needs a purpose built AR platform carbine or SPR…that come hell or high water, goes bang every time you pull the trigger and puts every round where you need them to go.  Give us a call.

If you or your tac-team need a solid, dependable tack-driving long range precision rifle…semi or bolt…then choose us.

These are a few law enforcement agencies we have provided our shop services to.

Jersey City Police Dept

Scotch Plains Police Dept

Union County Police Dept

Union County Prosecutors Office

Mercer County Prosecutors Office

Springfield Police Dept

Morris County Sheriffs Office

Riverdale Police Dept

New Jersey Dept of Corrections

​Department of Homeland Security

​NJ/NY Port Authority

​Customs and Border Protection

​Maryland State Police

United States Marshals Service NJ/NY